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Joe and Cheyenne Bates



Joe Bates, also known as Coach Bates or Mr.Bates to many inner city youth. Joe Bates graduated with an Interdisciplinary Bachelors’ Degree  from University of Toledo .May of 2023, Bates will be Graduating with a Masters Degree in Leadership from Grand Canyon University. Bates has been doing youth work since he obtained his degree back in 2010, starting his career working at the local Toledo Juvenal Hall. Cheyenne Bates, also known as Ms. Cheyenne to many youth. Cheyenne graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Business Management from Heald College in San Francisco, California. Joe and Cheyenne’s love story started in 2011. Meeting on Facebook, Cheyenne and Joe had a long distance relationship for 6 months! Sick of the distance she left Oakland and moved to Toledo, Ohio to be with Joe. In 2012, the pair left Ohio and moved back to California to be closer to family. #CaliBound In 2012, Joe and Cheyenne both began working at a Non-Profit in Oakland called Youth Uprising as Career Coaches and Youth Mentors. Both were expected to maintain caseload's of 60+ probation and foster kids ages 13-24. #OaklandMentors 

 In 2014, the two had their  first child, a son, and named him Xavier Michael after Joe's dad Michael Bates. Joe and Cheyenne experienced a great deal of growth individually during their time at Youth Uprising. Joe became the career pathways program manager overseeing a group of young people who had aspirations in specific career fields. Cheyenne became the intake and outreach coordinator being the first point of contact for all youth who wished to be a part of the career and education program. The couple took on a new hobby and began taking real estate courses together at Merritt College. They eventually invested their money and purchased their first home in the heart of Oakland, California. After 3 amazing years both Joe and Cheyenne elevated their careers separately .Joe went on to be a youth mentor for another amazing Non-Profit called Fresh Lifelines for Youth. FLY’s mission is to prevent juvenile crime and incarceration through legal education, leadership training, and one-on-one mentoring. Cheyenne began working at a Non-Profit called Easter Seals Bay Area; a company that provides behavioral, speech and occupational therapy for children diagnosed with ASD (Autism).  #AutisumAwarness 

In 2016, Joe was blessed with a once in a life time opportunity which was becoming the Varsity Head Football Coach and a Case Manager at Skyline High School in Oakland. Joe graduated from Skyline in 2005, therefore he was ecstatic about working with the kids from the community in which he also was from. Growing up, the Skyline football program saved Joe’s life and taught him the importance of brotherhood and finishing strong. For his 1st year of coaching Joe and his coaching staff had nearly 100 boys to guide mentor and teach; Joe finishing the season being awarded "Coach of the Year" by Oakland Unified School District. During this time he was also a Case Manager with OUSD for a group of students on campus who were not a part of the football program. #DreamsComeTrue

Timing could not have been any more perfect for Cheyenne since she had always wanted to start her own business .Cheyenne went on faith and decided to open her very own In-home Daycare. Her business was called Kreative Kid's Daycare, she was able to enroll 9 full-time kiddos! During this time, Cheyenne was able to help Joe throughout the football season, running her own business and tending to their son all while carrying their baby girl, Xochi Joey! Surprise! 

#Mompreneur #CoachsWifeLife 

In 2017 and 2018, Joe was invited to Coach for Junior Prep Sports (JPS) Northern California Team. JPS plays in the All Start game at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii. All while maintaining the Skyline Football Program and planning many bonding experiences for 80+ boys. Joe took the boys on camping trips, retreats, hikes, beach visits, restaurant and more. Many boys never left Oakland, let alone been to the beach or on an airplane! #Exposure

Both Cheyenne and Joe are known to be risk takers and are firm believers in "the amount of effort you put in is what you get back! " The pair decided they would take a chance and move their little family across the coast! The bates family invested their money and purchased a beautiful 6 bedroom home in the Jacksonville, FL area. During this time, Joe worked for a State Funded Juvenile Prison. ,2nd in command as the AFA (Assistant Facility Administrator) . Cheyenne was blessed enough to be a stay at home mom with their 2 kids! #Grateful

In 2019, the pair got home sick and hit the road on a 5 day  #RoadTrip drive from Florida to California leaving (literally) everything behind in their Florida home. Joe was ecstatic about a new opportunity to work for a Non-Profit in Oakland called Youth Together ! Youth Together's mission is "Building Just Communities through Multiracial Leadership Development and Organizing". Joe was also able to get the head coaching position back at Skyline ! Cheyenne become the Site Manager for a Non-Profit called Behavioral Intervention Association. The company provides behavioral therapy and social groups for children with an ASD (Autism) diagnosis. #CommunityWork

Their 2020 vision consists of family time and self care to ensure they are able to give their all to all entities and opportunities that depend on them. The Bates Family appreciates you taking time out to ready their journey!

"Thanks for your support feel free to join us while we tackle this thing called life ,Together !"



Joe and Cheyenne Bates

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