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She was inspired by my childhood and my daughter Xochi .  When I was a little girl my grandmother (Honey) and I would hand make Native American doll clothes  and dream catchers using suede, feathers, beads and jewels. When I became a mother , I knew I wanted to name my girl a  powerful name. My grandmother and my daughter are  both resilient, independent , strong willied.


Meet Her ! 

Xochiquetzal (‘Precious Flower’) IS shown in the Codex Cospi bearing arms (arrows and a shield) (see pic 1), though this is the ONLY depiction of her in the codices carrying weapons. As the goddess of love, flowers and arts and crafts we certainly wouldn’t expect to see her depicted as a warrior


Her Collection 

Origional Canvas 24x18   Not For Sale

Premium Mounted Canvas 36x24      Price $200.00

Xochiquetzal - Her Collection

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